True GreachRacer

Back in 2015 our KMC mountainbiketeam received the first Schwalbe G-One 40mm gravel tires which I used to ride a 200k race called Drenthe200. I had these tires mounted in my Koga Beachracer* and noticed I was fast but missed comfort riding with smaller profiled tires on fast bumby terrain. Luckily SR Suntour was willing to make a short travel suspension fork for the Koga Beachracer and I really liked this fork in my Beachracer.

The idea was born to develop a bike which could be equiped with a rigid carbon fork and suspension fork depending on riding cirumstances. Ofcourse a big chainring and 60mm beach tires would have to fit on this bike as well. Other projects, supply chain troubles and many other bad excuses made that I just now, six years later, received the first proto frames. Below some short articles I wrote back in 2016.

Still points to reconsider, improve and to develop but first time for the Shakedown!

Suntour suspension for Koga Beachracer – TrueDNE

Een winter op de tubeless Schwalbe S-One en G-One … broertjes van de Big One – TrueDNE



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