Koga/KNWU & Rio Olympic Games 2016

For Koga I made a list with all kind of improvements on their frames and KNWU complete bikes towards the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in summer 2016. On some of the topics I worked and some were done by KNWU and Koga. Some topics appeared to be not feasible or allowed by the rules.

  • Adapt an existing road TT frame to a Track frame like we did for the Hour  record attempt of Thomas Dekker in 2015.
  • Develop an aerodynamic cap between frame and stem
  • Rolling resistance measurements with different tires
  • Aero seatpost
  • Aero seatpost clamp which fills the holes in the frame
  • Look for the most effcient BB
  • Look for the most effcient chain
  • Faster coating on the frames
  • Ride with a bottle if allowed on the track



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